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    Castles - these enduring stone structures are often shrouded in legends and myths as elusive as the mists that rise from their moats.

  • Witness some of the most stunning fortresses and castles in Spain.

    Due to the very rich medieval history of the country, there is an impressive number of castles in Spain.

  • No two Italian castles are alike.

    Each has unique features that correlate with historical events and natural surroundings. They incorporate various changes that were made over the centuries.

Exquisite Spanish Castles

Peñafiel Castle, Valladolid

In Castile is located this white hill-top castle with a strange footprint. Peñafiel Castle fits the narrow contours of the lofty ridge on which it’s perched, giving it an elongated outline of a ship.

Palacio Real de Olite, Navarre

As you saunter through the chambers, courtyards and gardens you’ll get a glimpse of the high-end lifestyle that kings led. The hanging gardens were suspended 20 metres above the ground and there was even space for a menagerie that contained lions.

Alcázar of Segovia

Like Peñafiel, this castle had to adapt to its environment. Situated on a rocky promontory, it has the same narrow, ship-like appearance. The keep (Torre de Juan) is special, with 12 ornamental turrets on its roof.

Fascinating Castles of Italy

Castel del Monte

Castel del Monte in southern Italy in the region of Apulia is not only one of the most significant castles in the country but has also been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Castel Nuovo

The original architectural plan for the castle was drawn up by the French architect Pierre de Chaule and the building of the castle was initiated by Charles I of Anjou. While both the Angevins and succeeding Aragonese used the castle as a royal palace, the later transformed it into a fortified structure that can be seen today, making it also increasingly larger and more imposing.

Castle Photography - What Should You Consider?

  • Capture the atmosphere

    Every pro landscape photographer knows that dawn and dusk are the ‘magic’ hours when the light is best for beautiful images. Arriving early in the morning also usually ensures that you’re alone.

    Use a wide-angle lens

    It might seem a little obvious, but castles are very big buildings. Whilst getting up close to them can highlight interesting features, taking a step back and getting the whole thing in a frame can help underline the sheer scale of the building and effort that went into constructing it.

    Frame your image

    Perhaps there’s a doorway or other item of interest? Edging the photo with a pre-existing border can make your subject seem like a secret waiting to be discovered.


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Witness some of the most stunning fortresses and castles in Spain.


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